If you want an authentic, genuine read, then Emma Grant Williams is easily one of the best.  Her ability to take direction and deliver a bespoke read tailored to your project is second to none.  Not only is she able to bring a script to life, but she does so with such warmth.

Her vocal range enables her to seamlessly transition between the retail, corporate and commercial worlds with ease. This is where her presenter experience shines through.

Emma brings creativity and enthusiasm to every job and her professionalism makes her an absolute pleasure to deal with.  And it’s this same drive toward engaging an audience that she brings to every voice over.  I can’t recommend her highly enough

Madeline Joannou • ABC Made Promo Producer

Emma Grant Williams is a wonderful and charismatic voice talent.  She brings consistency and accuracy in her long form work and is a great storyteller.  Emma’s vocal tone is especially easy to listen to and will easily engage the listener.  I highly recommend her.

Steve Hessell • 20 Below Sound Designer

Emma is amazing to work with! She was well-prepared and always asked the right questions to ensure that the final piece was better than we’d imagined – a piece of art.

Becca McAliece • Bolinda Audiobook Publishing

Emma’s vocal magnetism has a profound influence on the audience. She changes direction seamlessly, connecting truthfully with the audience while
maintaining a bright demeanor.  Importantly, it is her vocal ability that adds romance, flair and colour.  Audience feedback reflects her captivating storytelling ability, noting their love for Emma’s stories, which connect to them personally.

Above all, Emma is fearless. Whether on-air or off, Emma always gives the best of herself to her work and to those around her, spreading her honest charm and infectious positivity to all who cross her path.  It is with the greatest confidence that I recommend Emma.  She is an exceptionally talented actor, presenter and voice over artist with an unsurpassed commitment to excellence.

Sinead Curry • Producer