Live TV.


No delay.  No commercial breaks.

No way out.

Some people’s greatest fear is Emma’s daily life on set.  In this exposing and unforgiving format, Emma has – with close to 2,000 hours of live TV under her belt – honed her craft: creating entertaining, engaging and compelling stories.

From a Celtic background, Emma now calls Australia home.  And as a highly regarded actor, presenter and voice artist, Emma’s credits span film, theatre and television – both nationally and internationally.

Emma understands the power of words to make or break a moment.  With her training in Psychology & Drama – plus her teaching background – she’s equally adept in scripted and improvised realms of storytelling, bringing her articulate warmth, intelligence and sensitivity to the heart of any matter.

From intimate audiences to international arenas, Emma’s curiosity about people and places forms the centre of her storytelling.  This approach has brought her many opportunities: with global media corporations, international live broadcasts, roadshows, narration and voiceover, voxpops, interviews, lifestyle editorials, professional development programs and e-learning.

She’s had the privilege of interviewing people from all walks of life – inventors, award-winning designers, CEOs, scientists, musicians, photographers, parents and health experts – and finds the common thread of humanity that unites us all.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, we’ve never been more “connected” yet more isolated.  Isolation is becoming an epidemic.  We yearn for human connection  – for content (ie. stories) that reunites us – with ourselves, with others, with our world.

Emma understands that good business needs good relationships, and good relationships need great communication.  Powerful storytelling can inspire, educate, compel, heal… and it’s at the heart of any connection with your audience.

Emma most recently hosted TVSN, appearing live across Australia and New Zealand every week, where she specialised in health, lifestyle, design and photography. She has also written for a number of publications including The Sydney Morning Herald and Kids Health & Wellbeing Magazine.

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